'HAJDER-ART' is an artistic workshop that does woodcarving in all types of wood. The beginning of the workshop goes back to the mid 60s of the last century. It had been started by haji Sulejman Hajderovac, and it used to employ up to a dozen of workers at different periods.

 Even though the number of workers varied over time, the one constant was Salim. He was the youngest out of six of Sulejman's children and very patient in learning the arts of the trade from his father. In the last couple of years Salim has revived the workshop to a great extent. And he has successfully included both of his sons:Benjamin and Edin, in his work.

The three of them have crafted a great number of remarkable works with very demanding, not only religious but also secular motifs. Nowadays, we are about to face the biggest challenge in our 50 years of existance. Carving the chair for the Holy Father.